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What Do I Need To Start A Website

We can clarify all questions regarding web design services and freely share with our clients anything they might need to know. What you need to start your website and get the ball rolling towards creating your online pressence is a domain name.  A domain name is your address on the internet and how people locate you which could be compared to a phone number.  The domain name can be anything you dream up and as cleaver as you want it to be.  We would suggest that you start by going to and searching for available domain names that might relate to your business or your business name.


Secondly you need a hosting company which is where all of you information and website is stored on the internet.  You could compare it to a your house.  We would suggest that you start by going to which is who we recommend for hosting.  They are US based in Southfield, Michigan and have English speaking staff whenever you need to call them.  Their tech support is second to none in the business and their rates are cost effective for all business and personal needs.  Check them out.


The domain name (phone number) will then point to your hosting company (your house).  These two primary elements of a website are key and the basis for you to start your online business pressence.  The last step will be for you to determine whether or not you want to a professional web designer to help you design your website or if you have the time to tackle it on your own.  Check us out if you are interested in our web design services or ask us if you have questions.


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Littleton Web Design - Web Site Design