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Watch Out For Auto Installers

Watch Out for auto installers.  We get clients asking us all the time how toolbars got installed in INternet Explorer or how an antivirus program made its way onto their PC.  The truth is usually with the unsuspecting permission of the person asking the us that very question or one of their employees.

We often times install updates to iTunes, Chrome, FireFox, and muiltitude of other programs that we use on a daily basis.  Many times during the update process you will quietly be asked if you would like to install what I refer to as a piggyback program.  These piggyback programs prompt you for permission to install while updating your existing program.  Eventually, you can end up with three to 6 toolbars and a host of other programs you never knew you where installing.

Below are two examples of piggyback programs that I have been prompted to install while updaing my own computer or client computers.  Watch out for these auto installers and make sure you disagree to the installs and remove any options to install them.  Another good idea is to check your install programs list for the same programs.  You might have fallen for this little trick in the past and do not need the program.

Montana Web Design - Avast Google Chrome - Auto Install

Montana Web Design - Java McAfee - Auto Installer

Check your system and let us know if you need any Montana Web Design services to remove such unwnated programs from your computer.  We are here to help.

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