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Want to triple your computer speed…an easy computer service upgrade

Want to triple your computer speed?  An easy computer service upgrade.

The past 10 years have yielded a number of significant improvements in computer technology.  The processor, ram and video capabilities  have made great strides and there has always been one bottleneck that has impeded the jump in performance.  The hard drive has been the one piece of computer hardware that has held back the progress and cutting edge.  That said those days are behind us and we can suggest a "must" computer service upgrade for your computer that will please the most critical of all computer experts.  The upgrade is to replace your mechanical hard drive (HDD) with a non-mechanical hard drive (SSD).  SSD stands for Solid State Drive which is basically a large memory stick that has built in help to access the information quickly.  It's size is half that of its predecessors and is 1/8th the weight.  Additionally, it consumes less power and displaces less heat.  The overall performance improvement is dependent on a couple factors: its transfer rate and interface.  I would suggest investing in a minimum 250 GB storage size, 6 Gb/s and SATA interface (connector).  A great suggestion is the Crucial 512GB m4 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SATA 6Gb/s with Data Transfer Kit – CT512M4SSD2CCA.  You can find it at Amazon for $399.99 at the time this was written.  Here is the product link…

This SSD kit comes with a transfer cable and software for making the process as easy as possible.  Simply connect the cable to the new SSD and your computers USB port.  Boot to the software CD and start the transfer software following the prompts to create and exact copy (image) of your old hard drive.  Once the copy has completed you can remove the old hard drive and install the new SSD.  You might need a adapter kit for a 2.5 to 3.5 drive bay kit to install the SSD in a desktop.  It should fit without issue in any laptop less than 4 years old.

The SSD computer service upgrade should yield improved boot times down to +/- 45 seconds and program start times of less than 5 seconds.  We've noticed on average Photoshop CS3-CS6 start times of 2-3 seconds on a Core 2 DUO laptop with 2 GB RAM.

The performance improvements of the SSD upgrade are sure to please and well worth the investment.

Let us know if you are interested in an SSD upgrade quote.  Good luck and happy computing.

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