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Web Designer Pet Peeves

Hi fans!  Dan and I have been working on some new sites lately and it's been really fun because not only are we utilizing our awesome web building skills but we get to have some freedom with the design itself.  I've always said, web site design is a lot like digital scrapbooking only it has added benefit of functionality!!

I've been doing some research as well as looking into what can make or break a website.  It's interesting because a web designers professional knowledge/opinion has to work with the customers ideas, and sometimes they are not always on the same page.  But more often than not you see work by developers that won't benefit their customer with their business, in fact it will make users leave the site.  I recently stumbled upon a news article on's online magazine written by by Christine Lagorio and Eric Markowitz. They interviewed 6 web developers that shared their top Web design pet peeves. I like knowing that we're not the only web designers that have web site pet peeves when it comes to design and functionality!

Whether you are thinking about redesigning your current website or building a new site, read these tips to inform yourself so your business isn't hindered with these poor choices.

Website Pet Peeves - Signature Web Designs

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