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Web Design

Web design that is engaging, intuitive, elegant, and professional!

We know for your business or endeavor to succeed it must be able to adapt, evolve and grow with technological advances.  We recognize this critical aspect of business in today’s economy and work hard to provide you with what you need at a competitive price.  We strive to build a strong relationship with you and serve you better than any other web design company.  We work with you to design and develop your website design or web application in a manner that performs and produces according to your needs.

Signature Web Design and Development takes pride in providing you with a website design that is engaging for your users, that is intuitive, that is elegant, and that is professional in appearance and function.  We will help you develop a powerful website identity to promote instant credibility while presenting yourself through your website that is true to who you are.  We realize that it is you and not your website that people want to do business with.

Over the past 20+ years, we have designed, developed, supported, and maintained all aspects of web design and development for small, medium, large, and expanding businesses.  Click here to see our Web Design Portfolio

Our website design services include the following:

  • All Services encompassing HTML/HTML5, XML/XSL, PHP, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, VBScript, ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, SQL, RTML, CakePHP, and Flash
  • WordPress Websites Using Templates or Fully Customized
  • Mobile Friendly and Mobile Specific Websites for IOS and Android
  • Custom Programming and Function Specific Scripting
  • Scalable and Affordable Pricing
  • Business, Retail, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Charity, Church, Non-Profit, Dynamic Database Driven, and More
  • Custom Web Applications for Internal Business Productivity (intranet applications)
  • Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Website Analytics Tracking
  • Shopping Carts (Custom and OpenSource including Yahoo Merchant Solutions – RTML, Zen Cart, StoreFront, Magento, Open Cart, PHP Cart, and PayPal.)
  • Content Management Systems (Custom and OpenSource)
  • Dynamic Database Driven Websites
  • Online Calendars and Photo Galleries
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Social Media and Marketing Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn Customization
  • Hosting, Domains, E-mail, Database, and More
  • Custom Logos, High Quality Graphics Designs and Print Media

Don’t hesitate any longer… and contact us for more information or simply fill out our website request form and we’ll be in touch.  You won’t be disappointed!

Web Design Pricing - Littleton Web Design


Websites come in all different shapes and sizes and have different features and functions so website pricing is not the same across the board. We’ve created different packages in order to help you determine what you need.

  • Starter Package: $1850+
  • Professional Package: $2500+
  • Retail Package: $3500+
  • Custom Package: $3500+

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

Littleton Web Design - Website Design

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Website Maintenance - Littleton Web Design


Website development technology is constantly evolving and when technology gets updated, your website will need to be updated too. If you want to update your website but don’t have the time or feel comfortable doing it yourself, we can help! We offer an assortment of website maintenance plans that are suited best for our customers needs.

"Do I need to maintain my website? Let me answer that by saying...Do cars need oil changes???