Comcast internet connection disconnecting every 5 to 10 minutes

We had an issue with our Comcast internet connection disconnecting every 5 to 10 minutes for six months or more which made business and personal daily use a frustrating experience. Forget streaming even though we have a 50 MB download and 15 MB upload connection. This intermittent drop issue made that impossible and/or totally aggravating! We tried numerous Comcast cable modems with their all-in-one unit to no avail which by the way is total junk! We tried having Comcast condition the line meaning they just check it to ensure it is good from the pedestal to the house. We tried troubleshooting and replacing our switch, our wireless router, purchased a new cable modem (Motorola SB6141) which helped but did not eliminate the issue. We tried working with Comcast support to resolve the issue which was a total waste of time and only made us dizzy while chasing our tail and traveling down rabbit holes that did nothing to help. We tried searching the internet tech sites and forums looking for help and assistance from experts and others experiencing similar issues. We even tried putting a line sniffer on our connection to monitor Comcasts’ DNS servers and equipment. Eventually, we figured out how to correct the issue with a subtle suggestion from another person experiencing the same issue.

The issue is this. Comcast’s hardware and outside plant (field equipment and cable lines) are typically not very reliable, stable, possibly old, and/or not capable of handling the load that we demand or are sold for use. So we need to help the signal along so that it can find us and us find the Comcast equipment that we need to communicate with in order to maintain our connection. What happens is that the cable modems upstream (transmit) power levels reach high and unstable limits when it does not get a connection response from Comcast’s equipment. This lack of a response or week signal causes the cable modem to reboot in order to try to correct the issue. So what we can do to help with this issue is boost/amplify the signal which will help us maintain our connection during these week signal fluctuations.

We installed a booster/amplifier we purchased from Amazon at this link…and put it in-line before the modem. Do not expect Comcast to offer this as a resolution method. I’ve only seen this vaguely suggested in one post out of thousands and not by a Comcast employee or representative but by an individual searching for a solution just like us and maybe just like you. Once this little unit is in place you should see your upstream power levels lowered to normal limits. This is between 25 and 35 on the Motorola SB6141 and SB6121. You can view the cable modem status web page if you go to That is if your setup is a standard configuration. Otherwise, you probably know how to locate the cable modem IP address or you can dare to call Comact support for assistance to locate it. Once you find the cable modem IP address, you can navigate to it and look for the signal page followed by the upstream power levels listed there. If they are not between the limits then you are about to lose your connection and you could probably benefit from the booster/amplifier.

Additionally, we would recommend sending back Comcast’s junk all-in-one cable modem if you can do without it and want to purchase your own equipment. We would suggest a decent switch (if needed for more Ethernet ports), adequate wireless N or better router and a Motorola SB6141 cable modem. Combining all these pieces to replace Comcast’s equipment will save you money and headaches in the long run as well as provide you with a stable connection that you can actually use and enjoy! We turned our daily outages into intermittent 5 minute outages every couple weeks or more. Now when we lose our connection it is typically due to Comcast’s equipment problems or an actual outage. It’s been 8 months since we performed this correction and we are so happy we did! We hope this post helps you resolve your Comcast internet connection disconnecting every 5 to 10 minutes as well as it did for us. We are in no way knocking Comcast as they are one of the better ISP’s but unfortunately for many reasons their field equipment and support could use a lot of help! Have a great day and good luck!